La Vida Llena

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Land of Enchantment.

Discover the magic of New Mexico.

New Mexico's is a land of contrasts. Water and desert, mountains and plains, white sands and red lava.

Red Chile

Its rich tapestry of history began when Native Americans settled the area, settling down into pueblos and developing the traditional adobe architecture the Southwest is so famous for. Famous explorers such as Coronado and Kit Carson visited, and artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe called in home.

In the twentieth century, New Mexico saw the advent of atomic warfare, when the first nuclear bomb was detonated at Trinity Site, about 4 hours south of Albuquerque. Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs have long spearheaded innovation, and their museums provide insight into processes behind the United States in the cold war and beyond.

The famed Santa Fe Trail ended at the Plaza in Santa Fe, where on warm summer evenings you still find life music and the bustle of tourists and locals. Santa Fe is one of the most important art centers in the world, and collectors converge on Canyon Road to discover masterpieces old and new.

Every October, Albuquerque hosts the United States' largest international event, the Balloon Fiesta, where as many as 900 balloonists from more than 50 countries congregate to enjoy the unique conditions found in Albuquerque. During Mass Assension events, 700 balloons fill the sky with color. The Special Shapes Rodeos are something everyone looks forward to, as balloons of all shapes and sizes take off. From Arabella the cow to Darth Vadar and Elvis, there's always something to get excited about. And in the evenings, don't miss the Balloon Glows, where thousands of spectators get to see the inflated balloons close up, and finish the evening with a brilliant fireworks display.

It's not called the Land of Enchantment without cause! Come visit and see what makes New Mexico a great place to retire.

New Mexico Pueblos