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Get Ready for Summer!

Clear blue skies stretch above. Warm breezes dance across the scenic expanse of Albuquerque’s desert panoramas. Embrace the refreshing allure of cool, beckoning pools in your retirement community. What could be more delightful than summertime? We hope you have been able to enjoy warm rays of sunshine while maintaining your active lifestyle this month. As summer unfurls its vibrant tapestry, it becomes essential to procure a few essentials for your comfort and well-being. Considering the hot summers in the high desert of New Mexico, preparedness is key! Here are a few ideas to help you get ready for summer.

Hydration. Maintaining proper hydration is crucial for senior individuals. Consult your physician to determine the recommended daily water intake for your specific needs. Having a reliable water bottle by your side ensures that you can meet this goal effortlessly throughout the day, even while on the move! Opt for a user-friendly and easy-to-clean bottle, ideally insulated to keep your beverage refreshingly cold for extended periods. It should also be convenient to carry around. Investing in a high-quality water bottle is worthwhile. It can serve you throughout the year as you head to the fitness center, the park, the pool or any other activity. Many options are available in summery hues, adding a touch of brightness to each day! And you can fill your water bottle with more than just water. Consider preparing invigorating fresh lemonade or refreshing iced tea for a delightful change of pace.


Basking in the glorious rays of the summer sun is undeniably delightful, but it’s essential to be cautious as it can have adverse effects on your skin. Protecting yourself with a quality sunscreen is a wise choice. Seniors often embark on travel adventures to warm destinations throughout the year. Even when seeking out shade under a beach umbrella, it can be essential to apply sunscreen with sufficient SPF. And if your destination is at the beach, lake, or river, consider selecting sunscreen that is reef safe if you plan to take a refreshing dip. Reef-safe sunscreens are not only environmentally friendly but may also be gentler on your skin, promoting a safer and healthier experience.

Relax with a book. Do you enjoy reading a book while relaxing outdoors, sheltered by the comforting shade? Now is the perfect time to discover inspirational reads that will elevate your enjoyment of the season. Consider choosing three or four books and let your curiosity guide you to the one that captures your interest best. You can explore titles by your favorite authors on Amazon or explore the compelling selections offered by The New York Times Best Sellers list. Additionally, you may consider venturing out and joining the book club within your senior community, fostering engaging discussions and connections. Many retirement communities also offer their residents access to a library, which can expand your literary horizons even further.

Shades. No summer ensemble is truly complete without a fashionable set of sunglasses! With a wide array of styles to choose from, investing in high-quality eyewear can ensure protection against harmful UV rays. Additionally, certain designs offer the option of prescription lenses, custom designed for your specific vision needs. Take a moment to inquire whether your vision insurance covers premium sunglasses – you might be pleasantly surprised by the coverage available to you!

A fashionable beach bag. These delightful bags can add an element of practicality to your summer adventures. When preparing for a pool outing, simply pack your towel, water bottle, sunscreen and a book, and you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing afternoon! You can look for a bag that offers convenient storage space to keep all your belongings organized while you’re in the pool, ensuring you have everything you need within reach. Some beach bags even feature insolated compartments or inner pockets, ensuring your snacks stay refreshingly cool and your items remain neatly arranged. Whether you opt for a beach bag in a vibrant summer color or a more timeless design that reflects your personality and style, these bags can effortlessly enhance your experience. Navigating your 55 plus community on your way to the pool becomes an absolute breeze with these functional and fashionable summertime musts.

If you have a family member or friend residing in an assisted living or nursing home, you can bring them a touch of summer to brighten the days. During your next visit, assist them in selecting a pair of sunglasses that they would enjoy wearing during their outdoor excursions. You can also plan a pampering pedicure session with summery colors. Your thoughtful gestures will undoubtedly uplift their spirits and add a special touch of joy to their summer days.

Embrace the joy of summer and prepare for some summertime adventures! Equipping yourself with a few essential items can significantly enhance your comfort throughout these hot months. Revel in the spirit of the season with a touch of style! Keep your beach bag conveniently located in a readily accessible spot, allowing you to effortlessly grab it as you head out the door. Make sure that it is well-stocked, not only with beach essentials but also with a selection of nutritious snacks to fuel your adventures!

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