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The Full Life Foundation

Making a full life possible for all.

The Full Life Foundation: The La Vida Llena retirement community in action.

The Very Reverend Haverland and the board shared an inspiring idea: to provide help for senior residents who might exhaust their resources. The fund’s success is perhaps the most visible sign of the culture of giving and compassion that runs throughout the La Vida Llena community.

The Foundation began as the “residents’ assistance fund” in 1983 and was composed equally of La Vida Llena board members and residents. In 1995 it was incorporated as a charitable organization; donations could then be treated as tax deductions; also, it become an independent entity guided solely by resident board members.

A Board of Directors, composed of residents, executive staff and professional fund managers, administers the fund and makes disbursement decisions. At an annual celebration, the Foundation reports its activities to the community. It acknowledges financial contributors and recognizes the board and other volunteers for their efforts to keep the promise of the full life for all residents, including a commitment to nursing home and health care options for those who need additional assistance.

Preserving a Legacy

The heart of the community’s distinctive spirit, throughout its entire history, is the Full Life Foundation, founded by the Very Reverend John Haverland (1922-2006).

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The Full Life Foundation brochure has all the details you need on how the foundation benefits the residents of the La Vida Llena retirement community. Read the story of the foundation, our mission and goals, as well as how you can make a difference in contributing to the Full Life Foundation.

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