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This is an update regarding Notice for COVID-19. To view more updates, click here.

Daily Communication from Linda Givens, Executive Director

Posted on May 1, 2020

As we go into a new month, I have encouraging news to share with all of you. The number of residents and staff members currently positive for COVID-19 at LVL continues to fall based on the most recent test results.

Of the 24 residents currently in our Health Care center, only 6 remain positive for COVID-19. These residents continue to be isolated and to receive the best possible around-the-clock medical care.

In the Independent Living area, we had previously reported six positives. We are down to three total among the 371 residents of that area. That means we are at 99 percent negative there and in all units besides Health Care.

I must thank our staff for their hard work, the New Mexico Department of Health for their support and each of you for doing everything you can to reduce the footprint of the virus in our community. You are in my heart and my prayers every single day. We are grateful for your support in such a difficult time, even as we continue to share your sorrow and sympathies for the many families whose lives have been negatively impacted by this unprecedented pandemic.

As you may have seen on the news, other care facilities around the state have had serious outbreaks of COVID-19, even as LVL’s issues seem to be receding. Because of this, we will need to exercise some patience in regards to additional testing here on campus at Alta Vista and Nueva Vista. As the pandemic continues to spread, DOH has had to focus its energies more widely. I continue to work with my contacts at DOH to develop a “Plan B” for testing that should be in place very soon.

We also continue to work diligently to improve housekeeping and sanitation service all across campus. I’m grateful to your patience as we talk with private contractors and other organizations who can help us even more efficiently deep clean and disinfect our common areas and also provide IL residents with cleaning service in your apartments. I hope to be able to announce details of a solution early next week. Again, thank you for bearing with us through some uncharted territory.

Let me close today’s communication with thanks for the many, many words of support and encouragement that I’ve been receiving from our residents and staff. This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for every resident, every family member and every staff member. I can’t begin to tell you how much these positive communications have meant to me personally and to our team

Together, we will get through this.