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A Bowl of Summer Fruit

There is nothing more summery than fresh fruit. Chilled melons, berries, citrus and of course apples for apple pie – life doesn’t get much better in these hot summer months. Healthcare providers and nutritionists often encourage their patients to eat a healthy amount of fruit each day. Ask your doctor or nutritionist how much fruit is right for you. And then explore some of these ideas to help you get inspired to enjoy these fruit favorites!

Plan a little shopping trip to find some choice fruit favorites. Albuquerque has some wonderful markets with fresh fruit, and of course green chile to throw into the mix. Adding a bit of chile into your apple pie makes it a New Mexico favorite! You can also find bag of frozen berries or other fruit to keep on hand for a longer period of time if you want to save some shopping trips. Retirement gives you the time and flexibility to find some wonderful recipes and have some summer fun.

A frosty smoothie. Smoothies have become popular over the years. Seniors may not be as familiar with these often nutrition packed drinks. But they’re easy to make and don’t require many unusual kitchen items to make. You may need a blender, some ice, fruit of choice and a few other ingredients to make your drink extra tasty and healthy. Some people love adding peanut butter or even nutritious greens. Look for recipes on your favorite app or just use google to get you started. If you live in a 55 plus community, invite your friends over for brunch smoothies!


Of course, apple pie is everyone’s favorite. But you can also make desserts with fresh fruit. Find a recipe for no-bake strawberry pie! Or fall back to the old standby, strawberry shortcake. You don’t need to cook the berries. If sugar is off limits for you, consider other healthy alternatives. There are sugar substitutes you can try to help reduce the effects of higher glycemic sweeteners. Search for diabetic friendly or keto friendly recipes. You’ll be surprised at the healthy desserts you can create and eat every day without feeling guilty!

Homemade ice cream. Of course, it’s easy to find wonderful ice cream ready made for you to enjoy at any store or restaurant. But do you have a longing for that homemade ice cream you used to enjoy as a child? Seniors may enjoy a fun summertime project. You can find reasonably priced ice cream makers either online or perhaps at your local store. Find a size and style that will work for you. Vanilla ice cream with fresh berry or fruit sauce is always a special treat. Invite some neighbors from your senior community and have an ice cream social! Retirement at it’s best.

A fruit bowl. If you keep a colorful bowl full of fruit on the kitchen table, it will always be more accessible and inviting as a snack any time of day. Make sure to wash the fruit before placing it in the bowl so it’s ready to eat! You can use a nutrition app to find fruit with lower sugar content. For example, berries may have less sugar than a banana.

Fruit is easy to pack in a beach bag if you’re headed to the pool at your 55 plus community, or a backpack if you are very active and going out on a longer day adventure. It’s also easy to sneak into favorite recipes. Fruit can spruce up everything from pancakes to muffins!

Enjoy some fresh fruit this summer! If you have a friend or loved one in assisted living or a nursing home, you can brighten up their day and share some fruit creations with them as well. And of course, fruit is a wonderful snack choice for when the grandkids come over for a visit!

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