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Advantages of Memory Care

Can a program like Memory Care benefit you or your family? Life Plan communities like La Vida Llena offer many different supportive care options that can really make a difference for seniors in various stages of their life. Besides offering additional help such as assisted living or nursing support, Memory Care is designed to offer specialized care for those with a diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Building a Care Team

For seniors slowly becoming dependent on others for their own care, dignity and independence remain a very important aspect of life. Finding the right supportive care team to fit the needs of you or your loved one can be key to continue living a happy and fulfilled life. As you decide on options and next steps, here are some factors to consider.

Specialized teams. Memory deficits may come as a surprise to both the person experiencing the deficits as well as family members. It may be difficult to understand or be able to properly address their needs. Is there a best way to slow down loss of cognitive ability? What can be normal to expect? Can someone be cared for and yet still feel like they are in control of their life? These are some simple questions you may be asking as you face the challenges of a family member dealing with memory loss. Rest assured that specialized help is available for you to take advantage of. Memory Care offers a care team that can work with your loved one’s medical providers and help guide seniors and family members through all the challenges of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Allow experienced caregivers to assist with basic day to day life, social opportunities, cognitive and physical exercise!

Daily care. Regular meals and good nutrition are very important. Memory Care staff can be there to assist your senior establish daily routines. A daily routine can be comforting and give a sense of security to both seniors and their family members. Family can have peace of mind that medication will be taken on time, meals not forgotten and daily interaction with friends. As memory loss progresses and simple tasks such as showering or dressing may become more of a challenge, trained Memory Care staff are there to help, recognize subtle changes and provide the level of care an individual needs.

Stimulating activities. 55 plus communities offering Memory Care can provide residents with daily exercise programs, mind stimulating activities and social opportunities especially designed to address your loved one’s needs. Take the guess work out of trying to determine how to balance keeping things fun yet mentally challenging for your senior. Allow a specialized team trained to help guide you and your loved one dealing with memory loss! Connecting socially in the appropriate setting and staying mentally active can help seniors feel purpose and progress.

A sense of independence. Having a place to call their own home can be very comforting to a senior experiencing memory loss, especially when they don’t feel dependent on family members for care. Assisted living and Memory Care options can be a great solution to help your senior stay as independent as possible while offering them any care necessary. In a Life Plan community, a person may take advantage of supportive care services while their spouse lives next door in the same community. And family members often live in the same town or nearby. This allows a senior experiencing memory loss to see family often and yet keep privacy and dignity in their own home with experienced caregivers.

Assisted living or nursing home communities can play an important role in helping seniors and their family members navigate through final years. Memory Care is very specific and specialized and can provide families with a great resource as seniors enter new stages of life. You and your loved one do not need to go through this alone. Utilizing proper tools and a caring team of professionals experienced in memory loss can provide you with real solutions. Find a Life Plan community near you and schedule a tour to discover what level of care could benefit you or your loved one today!

2 responses to “Advantages of Memory Care

  1. This information was helpful to read and I would be interested in finding out about elder care options at your community.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Diane! We would love to talk more about our supportive care options for seniors. Feel free to give us a call at (505) 322-6128, or use our contact page to shoot us a message with your questions!

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