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Can Someone Under 55 Live in a Senior Community?

In our journey through life, few things are as important as community. Senior communities typically cater to the 55+ age group, known for their organized activities that bring joy and a setting for a serene life. But what if you’re not quite in the ‘senior’ bracket yet? You could still be a part of this vibrant lifestyle.

Many communities have age restrictions, but someone under 55 could live in a senior community, depending on their policies and regulations. If there’s ever a concern, the best thing you can do is simply ask!

What Is a 55+ Community?

Senior communities are tailored to support those at a stage in life where being surrounded by peers and having access to various amenities can make the golden years truly shine. These communities often have age restrictions to promote residents sharing common interests and stages in life.

However, exceptions sometimes arise that embrace a broader age spectrum. Common misconceptions suggest these are rigid barriers, yet they’re guidelines intended to cultivate a harmonious environment. Not all communities enforce these limits strictly; in some cases, individuals under 55 may be welcomed with open arms.

Common reasons why someone under 55 may be allowed to live in a senior community include:

  • A spouse of a resident
  • An adult child of a resident moving in with them
  • They will turn 55 within a certain time frame

The important part of these exceptions is they still require at least one resident in the home over 55 at some point. To be considered a 55+ community, it has to have people over 55 living in at least 80% of its units. That’s sometimes called the 80/20 rule, which comes from the Fair Housing Act. Keep in mind that they aren’t required to have 20% of their units filled by younger people. It’s simply the most they can have.

Benefits of Living in a Senior Community

What’s not to love about a life sprinkled with social events, yoga classes, and art workshops? Social butterflies and wellness enthusiasts alike can find themselves at home in the enriching environment of a senior community. Most importantly, it’s designed specifically for people just like you.

Some popular benefits of senior living may include:

Considerations for Younger Residents

Some communities welcome younger residents, especially if they’re caring for an older loved one. Each community has its heartbeat, and compatibility is key. Be mindful, though; joining under 55 has a unique dynamic.

Young children are typically discouraged from living in a senior community simply because they aren’t built to support kids. Children often thrive with proximity to resources like good public schools and entertainment designed for families. However, senior communities cater to an entirely different demographic. 

Instead, grandchildren are encouraged to visit and experience the community through your eyes.

There’s also the social aspect to consider. Can they find friendship circles and activities that resonate with their interests? Sometimes, the answer is an emphatic yes! A senior community can be a melting pot of interests and passions, with various social events that know no age. What’s more, many residents are young at heart.

Still, it’s hard to ignore that sometimes interests simply don’t align. And if you don’t have a family member to connect to, you may have trouble finding your place. 

The Purpose of Community Policies & Regulations

There’s a narrative to community life guided by established rules and regulations. They’re crafted to help maintain harmony within the community and help every resident feel at home. Any policy should be based on respect, kindness, and cooperation.

We understand that the word “regulations” might sound a bit stern, but they’re more like promises to one another to uphold ideals of respect and joy.

For example, quiet hours respect residents’ need for tranquility, while pet policies help furry companions thrive alongside you. Many communities will happily welcome people under 55; we’re all human, and they’ll be on our level soon enough. But if they don’t, it’s intentional to balance individual freedoms with the community’s well-being.

5 older adults sitting on a couch, smiling and laughing

Embrace Senior Living

Should curiosity lead you to explore what life under the La Vida Llena banner entails, our friendly team is here to guide you through every chapter. We take pride in transparency and are more than willing to sit down and chat about our guidelines.

We know you don’t fit into a box, so we approach every request on its own merits. There’s no harm in asking since every guideline is simply there to nurture the community’s rhythm.

To book a tour and discover the gifts of our community for yourself, contact us today. Explore the possibilities of senior living with an open heart and a curious spirit.

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