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5 Reasons to Consider a Life Plan Community

As seniors enter retirement age and begin looking at options to downsize or find the ideal living situation to last for years, it’s important to consider all the options available to you. So, what’s a Life Plan?

Imagine a community with homes designed especially for those in retirement with consideration for any adjustments necessary as life continues to develop. This community is designed to meet all of your needs from home size and design to health and fitness centers and all-inclusive restaurants within steps of your front door. Here are some highlights to consider when planning for your future home with a senior living Life Plan.

1. Security. A Life Plan community is designed to support all situations you might find yourself in throughout the years. From completely independent living to supportive care if necessary as the years go by, you won’t need to relocate or find yourself dependent on anyone. If you need short term nursing care, it will be available to you. Or if you need assisted living or memory care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, these specialized services will be at your fingertips whenever needed.

2. Community. Senior communities are not just for those who need assisted living or nursing homes. It’s a place to experience a full life with other like-minded seniors who are in the same stage of life as you. Because you have shared interests, it’s easy to connect with your neighbors and build lifelong friendships. Life Plan communities are designed to promote these types of social connections. Daily activities are planned from coffee hours to game nights. And if you have a special interest, there is sure to be a group that will join you in your hobbies or interests.

3. Health

Building social connections can help keep you motivated and give you great purpose in life. This enjoyment of life can translate to less stress, more inspiration and the desire to remain healthy. Life Communities are designed to help keep you healthy with lots of physical activities planned just for you. You’ll be able to join fitness classes or work out with your new friends. Health and wellness centers designed especially for senior communities may offer a full menu of fitness activities, pools and classes to spark everyone’s interest. And if you bring your furry companion along with you, there is sure to be a group of other pet parents who would love to join you for a walk or visit to the dog park!

4. On-Site Amenities. A Life Plan community is built to surround you with support – and luxury. Amenities can include much more than fitness centers and indoor pool and spa opportunities. You may have access to beauty or barber shops, meeting rooms, media centers and arts or crafts studios. The community on-site chapel may even offer you spiritual support. And if you love the outdoors, you may enjoy the community’s walking paths or gardens. In fact, there won’t be much you need outside of your community!

5. All-inclusive. Have you ever been to an all-inclusive resort? Food is prepared for you. And if you’re feeling like some fun, you just have to check the schedule of events coming up. Transportation isn’t an issue; it can be arranged for you. Only a Life Plan community is better – it’s like taking this vacation with all your friends! You won’t have to sit alone in that restaurant. All your neighbors are also your closest friends. When it comes to maintenance, you won’t have to worry about landscaping concerns or appliance failures. And if you’re into traveling, you can rest assured being away while knowing your home is safe and well maintained. With 24/7 security systems and staffing to keep your home and community safe and secure, you and your family will have peace of mind.

Sound attractive? Find your Life Plan community and schedule a tour right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico to find out more. Give yourself and your family the opportunity to spend worry free years as you enjoy your very own home. Where you can live as independently as possible for years to come or with supportive care as needed. Surrounded by all-inclusive services and amenities just steps from your front door. And neighbors who have become your best friends. Your best years are still to come!

4 responses to “5 Reasons to Consider a Life Plan Community

  1. Of the five reasons to join a Life Plan Community, only #1 applies uniquely to Life Plan Communities. Of the several senior communities I have visited in a search for a last place to live, all had some measure of the other four “reasons”. None, however, had a requirement to pay a six-figure entrance fee in order to have the privilege of paying a substantial monthly rent to take advantage of that first “reason”. I and my wife each have long term insurance coverage which will underwrite the cost of assisted living or memory care facilities for an amount equaling most of your entrance fees. I see no reason to invest a large portion of my life savings in an insurance plan for which I have already been paying for a good number of years. If there were some way to offset the entrance fee, my wife and I would be happy to consider living at La Vida LLena.

    1. Mr. Brandwein,

      You are absolutely correct, many retirement communities have 4 of the 5 reasons – but having that additional PLAN for future care, should it ever be needed, is what separates a life plan from those other communities.

      You are among the minority of people who have a plan to cover potential nursing home, assisted living or memory care, and you stated you have been paying the premium for years. Like you, most acquired such insurance at a young age. Others who are past 70 and do not already have long-term care insurance find themselves at risk. Most over 70 would not qualify for a long-term care policy.

      Seniors looking for long-term care protection would discover that a Life Plan Community, if they can afford it, is the best option available as it provides for all 5 of the advantages of a Life Plan Community.

      As someone who already has long-term care protection, I would like to explain some advantages for you to live in a Life Plan Community.

      1 – Your policy will pay for the care – but it is up to you to find the facility. Most of the better facilities may not have availability at the time you need it, plus it may not be a convenient location for you to visit. Living in a Life Plan Community, you know where the care would be provided, and you and your spouse would be under the same roof. Visitation is easy as it is just down the hall and around the corner from your apartment.

      2 – Living in a Life Plan Community, the only additional cost to you should you need long-term care is the additional meals. Other than that, you continue to pay your regular monthly fee. Your long-term care insurance would begin paying you, so you would have extra money to help with that and any other potential ancillary charges – such as medicine, physician, durable medical equipment, etc.

      3 – I don’t know the details of your insurance, but you would continue to be covered by the Life Plan even if your insurance benefit ran out, and even if you ran out of funds. You would have financial protection in the community.

      A Life Plan Community has a great advantage for those looking to provide long-term care protection for themselves in a community that offer all 5 of the reasons to move to a Life Plan Community.

      Dave Walbright
      Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing

    1. Great question Pam. Our community is enjoying their best retirement years with the majority in their 70’s and 80’s!

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