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Senior Resources for Independent Living

Retirement has finally arrived. Now is the time to live life to the fullest. But what resources are out there that can help you achieve all your dreams? If you need help navigating the Medicare system, snatching up great senior discounts or finding a vaccine, you may find inspiration here. Retirement comes with many benefits. You now have the time to start planning dream vacations, shopping for your grandchildren and possibly even spending some time doing volunteer work to help others. While there are dozens of resources available online and beyond, here are a few to get you started. Keep an ear out for more as you talk with friends and share tips with each other in your community.

Senior Discounts

Do you love to shop? The Senior List has an extensive, verified list of discounts seniors qualify for from grocery stores to airline tickets. You may be surprised at how many discounts are available to you! Scroll down the list and explore the many options. Find out what department stores offer senior discounts before starting your Christmas shopping! Prescriptions can also add up. Check to see if your pharmacy is on the list. If you don’t see your store on the list, ask next time you go shopping. Some stores have special days of the month dedicated to senior discounts. The Senior List also has some information on best modals of various items for seniors, such as cell phones or hearing aids.

AARP membership can save you even more. As a member, you qualify for dozens of discounts on pet insurance, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, traveling and more.  Members are also supported in finding financial solutions, insurance, remote volunteer opportunities and access to a fraud resource center to help seniors. Look for AARP specials around holidays to save on membership fees! Seniors can become full members at age 50.

Travel idea!

If you love to travel, National Parks Services offers senior park passes for those ages 62 and over. You can opt for an annual or lifetime pass. Check for additional discounts seniors can obtain on park amenities as well such as camping, guided tours, boat launching etc. Get a National Parks passport stamp book and have fun remembering each park! Spending time outdoors is a great way to soak up nature and scenery during the Covid-19 era.

Health & Wellness

Medicare is such a relevant topic for seniors, especially those reaching retirement age. Still, it can be challenging to navigate Medicare plan options, figuring out how to apply for benefits, and best wellness options. The National Council on Aging has a program dedicated to helping seniors and their families to make informed decisions and understand the resources available to them. If you are wondering about coverage and costs or how to enroll in a plan, this resource is a great place to start. NCOA also has some great tips on physical activity for the elderly. You can find information on various types of exercise as well as tools to track your progress and goals. There is also information on tailoring your exercise program based on various health conditions such as osteoporosis or diabetes.

If you are seeking information on the Covid-19 vaccine, you can use to find information on where you can obtain the vaccine. If you are looking for a specific vaccine such as Johnson & Johnson or Moderna, you can narrow search options to include locations carrying the specific vaccine. Even if you are already vaccinated, you can make family or friends aware of this resource. Encouraging family or friends to get vaccinated prior to visiting a senior community or assisted living home can help protect other seniors as well.


Retirement is wonderful. You now have time to focus on making all your dreams become reality for yourself and for others! Seniors can make a huge difference when it comes to volunteering and helping others. You can check and see if your church has opportunities to be involved in. Often, your own community has needs that you can help be involved in. If you are still looking for options, AmeriCorps has several different volunteer options to help get you involved. Learn how you can help mentor or tutor a child or even help other seniors.

There are many websites dedicated to helping seniors. Make sure the web sites you browse are trusted sources. You can continue to explore to find out more. Sharing your favorite resources with friends can also help other seniors in your community as well!

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  1. Senior citizens can enjoy benefits of life when they reach old age, including discounts and more. Thanks for sharing!

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