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Grandparents and grandkids

Three Ways You Can Become a Better Grandparent

Becoming a better grandparent often involves adapting to new roles and embracing the opportunities that come with aging. Whether you’re living at home, considering a move to a senior community, or already enjoying the comforts of assisted living, here are three ways to enhance your grandparenting.

Engage Actively in Your Community

Senior living communities, especially in New Mexico, offer a plethora of activities designed to keep residents active and engaged. Participating in community events or joining clubs can not only enrich your own life but also provide wonderful stories and experiences to share with your grandchildren. While there are lots of activities internally at a senior living community, you can also access local classes in the community as well. In Albuquerque, it could be a painting class at a local community center like OffCenter Arts or a gardening club like Albuquerque Garden Center. In Santa Fe, it could be visiting El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe or finding a local board game group or exercise group via Meetup. Staying active helps you maintain your health and share your interests with your grandchildren, making visits with them lively and full of conversation. You can also show them the things that you have made or grown!

Embrace Modern Technology

Staying connected with family has never been easier, thanks to advances in technology. Many senior living communities, including those offering memory care or supportive care, are equipped with Wi-Fi and communal computers. Learning to video call, text, or even interact on social media platforms can greatly reduce the distance between you and your grandchildren. In this day and age where families might be spread out, whether in New Mexico, throughout the US or around the world, digital communication is a wonderful way to keep up with grandchildren’s daily lives, celebrate achievements, and offer them support as they grow.

Plan for the Long Term

Ensuring that you are planning for your own future provides stability can allow you to focus on being an available and stress-free grandparent. This involves researching and understanding the costs and benefits of different living arrangements, such as independent living, assisted living, or Life Plan communities like La Vida Llena in Albuquerque. Communities like these often provide various levels of assistance, from light support in an independent living senior apartment to more comprehensive care in nursing care or homes. Investing time in learning about these options and planning ahead ensures that you are aging in place comfortably, without sudden financial burdens or the need for urgent relocations. Additionally, knowing about services like respite care, which offers temporary caregiver relief, for example, if you’re the primary caregiver to a spouse with Alzheimer’s, can also ensure you’re at your best with your grandchildren.

And bonus tip: one of the best way to stay energized for playing with your grandkids is to stay well-fed!  

Senior living communities or facilities offer meal plans that cater to specific dietary needs and health requirements, keeping you in your best health and not having to worry about cooking for yourself or your grandkids when they come to visit!

At La Vida Llena Life Plan Community, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and enriching environment for our residents. We believe it’s always the perfect time to explore new interests and create lasting memories. Contact us to learn more about how we can help provide opportunities for a rich and active senior life, deepening family bonds along the way.

Grandparents and grandkids

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