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Resident Stories

Elaine’s Story

Elaine and her husband moved to Albuquerque from Ohio to enjoy their retirement. Initially, they purchased a home in an upscale neighborhood. But aside from her daughter and grandson, Elaine says she had no connection to anyone in her new city. “I was very lonely. I like people and I like to be around people”, she says. That’s when Elaine discovered La Vida Llena, a Life Plan Community for seniors. She thought this would give her a chance to make friends and have a community. The move to La Vida Llena was very timely. Her husband’s health was declining, and they knew that it wouldn’t be long before he required assistance. In fact, Elaine’s husband ended up moving into the Assisted Living section at La Vida Llena fairly quickly. She is still able to see him often and is excited that he is well taken care of. Decision making especially frustrates him and the Assisted Living staff have been the solution to giving his life direction. He is very happy now. And Elaine has found the community she was looking for. “This has been the best decision we have ever made. It’s so easy to make friends here. Many have lost their spouse and are in a new place in their life. If I was still at the house, I would not have anyone to talk to. We all eat dinner together here. Eating together is a very social time. For older people this type of socialization is crucial.” She also notices the very caring and kind staff at La Vida Llena. “I think the staff here whether the wait staff in dining room, cleaning personal, and the staff in assisted living are wonderful. They are kind. They are thoughtful. And the food is outstanding! We are very lucky”, she says.

Elaine enjoys foreign policy and is involved in several local groups. It keeps her connected to the outside world, she says. She also enjoys gardening and grows flowers and herbs on her balcony. And her beautiful cat “Lady” keeps her company!