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Holidays in a Retirement Community

The holidays are always a wonderful time of year. And if you are now in your retirement years, you have the time to live each day to the fullest and soak in all the good times with family and friends. But did you ever wonder what it would be like to celebrate the holidays in a retirement community designed especially for seniors like you? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you might discover while living in a home located in a 55 plus neighborhood.

Holiday event and activities. The holidays can be so much more exciting when spent with friends. Many retirement communities are designed to bring like minded people together with planned events and activities encouraging socialization. And the holidays are no exception. You may find yourself off to a Christmas concert with tickets and transportation organized for you. Or you may decide to attend a coffee social and talk over your Christmas shopping progress with friends. If you are a long time resident and have many friends, or if you just moved in and are looking to make new friends, these types of social opportunities are unique and bring the community together in a special way. Holidays no longer need to be spent alone while you wait for the family gathering on Christmas Day. Each month, you can look at your community’s events calendar and plan your weeks accordingly. You might even decide to join a fitness class geared specifically to seniors and just steps from your retirement home – it’s a good idea to stay fit and healthy year around, and the holidays are no exception! And since your friends are your neighbors, its easy to host your own holiday parties!

A home designed just for your needs

Did you always dream of baking cookies and decorating them with the grandkids? Senior apartments and homes come designed in the perfect size to accommodate your needs. You’ll likely find a kitchen well suited for the season as well as all the room you need to host a Christmas party or have family over. And regardless of who you invite over or your own need for special accommodations, your senior home will be designed to be wheelchair accessible as well as limiting common obstacles for many seniors such as steps. Hosting for the holidays becomes so easy and enjoyable!

Designed to help. Do you feel overwhelmed by the holiday shopping and planning your holiday travels? Senior communities offer residents lots of support so they can spend more time doing the fun things in life. You won’t have to worry about what to cook for dinner – you can just drop in at one of the restaurants provided in your community and dine with your spouse or friends. Home maintenance is just a call away. Shoveling snow or tending to the yard is a thing of the past! And if you don’t enjoy driving anymore, your community may even offer transportation for shopping trips. With many of your needs taken care of, the holidays don’t seem so hectic anymore. You’ll even find time to relax in your community’s indoor poor or hot tub after wrapping all those gifts!

A Life Plan. If you are researching your retirement home options, it’s a good idea to consider making sure your new community offers you the assurance of a Life Plan. Life Plan communities offer residents a seamless transition throughout all of their retirement years, whether they are still very active or require support services such as assisted living or nursing care. If your spouse requires extra support, a community which accommodates everyone’s needs becomes especially welcome during the holidays when everyone wants to be together with family. Plus you can relax and enjoy life knowing that if you have a need, it will be taken care of right where you are – in your own home and community surrounded by all of your friends.

The holidays can be very relaxing and exciting, especially when shared with those who you care about. And when you live in a community designed to offer you the support and help you deserve, you can focus your attention on the fun part of the holidays – spending time with the grandkids, wrapping presents, hosting holidays parties and socializing with neighbors. The holidays were never so enjoyable!

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