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A mother and her daughter talking to each other while sitting on a couch.

When Is a Good Time to Downsize Your Home?

Are you or a family member thinking about downsizing your home and moving into a senior living community? With close to 17% of the American population 65 years and older, you might not be alone. 

But how do you know when it’s the right time to downsize? Some common signs that indicate it might be time to move to a smaller space may include retirement, financial and health concerns, or other family members leaving home. 

While downsizing can seem daunting and challenging for older adults, senior communities can offer residents the support and care they require in an engaging environment with various lifestyle options to suit individual needs, which can help make for a smooth transition. 

Things to Consider When Downsizing

To ensure downsizing is seamless and smooth, family members can help a loved one determine the following:

  • A budget and timeline
  • Restrictions, whether financial or related to health concerns
  • Planning the details of the move
  • Relocation

Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Downsize

Moving out of a home a loved one’s lived in for many years can be overwhelming. And because of this, they might not even consider it. 

Typically, it’s the family members or spouse of a loved one who notice the tell-tale signs or challenges with daily living that warrant downsizing. These signs can include:

  • Unkempt home
  • Forgetting to take medication or missing doctors appointments
  • Weight loss or poor diet
  • Lack of personal hygiene

But that still leaves the question of when to downsize. Delaying a move or waiting too long can make the process harder and more challenging. While every scenario varies, there are some common signs that show it might be time to downsize. 


If you’re approaching retirement or are already retired, you may find that you no longer need the space or upkeep that comes with a larger home. Downsizing can help you reduce your expenses, simplify your life, and free up cash to fund your retirement, allowing you to fully enjoy your golden years.

Empty Nest

When children grow up and leave home, loved ones may find that they have more space than they need. Downsizing to a smaller home or community can be an opportunity to move to a more convenient or desirable location. 

Financial Considerations

If loved ones are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments or the home is draining their finances, downsizing can sometimes help reduce expenses, free up cash flow, and help them get back on track.

Too Much Maintenance

As people age, the upkeep of a large home can become overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. In such cases, downsizing can be a practical solution to reduce the burden of maintaining a property and free up time for other activities. Assisted living communities can provide residents with housekeeping services, meals, and transportation to medical appointments.

Health Concerns

Health conditions are another common reason seniors consider moving to a smaller, more manageable home or community. If a loved one has mobility issues, chronic pain, or other health challenges, it can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. 

For those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, downsizing and moving to a community with memory support can help them get personalized care to maintain their quality of life. 

Needs Change

As seniors age, their needs and preferences can change, and the home they’ve lived in for years may no longer fit their needs. A more accessible home can help seniors maintain their independence. 

Another reason seniors may consider downsizing may include divorce or the passing of a spouse and a desire to be closer to social support systems, such as family, friends, or healthcare providers. 

Lifestyle Change

When an individual’s lifestyle has changed and they no longer need a large home or no longer want to live in a particular area, downsizing can be a way to make a fresh start. Living in a senior community can provide a home-like atmosphere with different lifestyle options for meeting the needs of loved ones through life’s aging process. 

As the years go by, people might accumulate more things than they need, including a bigger home. Of course, someone might choose to downsize their home for many other reasons. But ultimately, the decision of when to go ahead is based on the personal goals, needs, and priorities of loved ones. 

Group of seniors sitting smiling and chatting with each other in a senior living facility.

Downsizing with Amenities

When you downsize and move to a senior living community, you can free up time to do things you love and enjoy by yourself and with others. 

If you or a loved one is looking to downsize, contact La Vida Llena or schedule a visit to learn about our community’s amenities and lifestyle options. 

A mother and her daughter talking to each other while sitting on a couch.

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