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Holiday Drinks: a senior’s guide

As we finish another year ending with the holidays, community is as important as ever for seniors across New Mexico and our nation. Life is so much more enriched when we are surrounded by loved ones. Thanksgiving is a holiday when families come together and enjoy good food and drinks and laughter. If you live in a senior community, perhaps you spent the holiday with neighbors who have become your good friends. And with Christmas right around the corner, many seniors enjoy hosting their own Christmas parties. Or maybe you’d love to share a warm drink with a neighbor in an assisted living or nursing home. Here are some special holiday drinks ideas to help give your party more sparkle or help you relax on cold evenings!

A Christmas punch. Not all drinks have to be alcoholic, and this is one that can be made using fruit juices and something sparkly such as ginger ale or apple cider. Of course, you can always add your favorite wine or spirits! Cranberries can make your punch seasonal and add some health benefits as well. Impress your senior friends with a classy Christmas punch served in glasses frosted with some sugar. Find a recipe that suites your taste. You can find one that uses fresh fruit for more flavor and vitamins!

Peppermint cocoa

Do you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on a wintery day? Of course, adding the whipped cream to top it off makes for an even better drink. Try adding some peppermint sticks and sprinkle a little extra cocoa powder on top of the whipped cream, and you have a drink worthy to share with a neighbor. Hot chocolate bombs are fun and can even be home made. They’re also easy to bring to a friend or give as a gift. As the chocolate bomb melts in the mug, all the good flavors release into one cup of pure goodness. The perfect drink to bring and share with a friend or relative in an assisted living home. They’ll enjoy the love and warmth a good cup of hot cocoa and visit can bring! To make things even easier, you can buy a variety of hot chocolate bombs commercially in all kinds of flavors. Keep an eye out for them at your favorite grocery store or purchase them online.

Holiday eggnog. There is something about the creaminess and spices blended together that just makes this drink perfect for Christmas time. Many seniors have grown up with this drink. It’s wonderful to drink on its own as a dessert or pair with a good holiday treat. You can buy eggnog especially around the holidays or even make your own. Some prefer it nonalcoholic and others enjoy adding some brandy, bourbon or rum. There are an abundance of recipes to try out. Many homes in 55 plus communities offer kitchens that make food and drink preparation fun and easy. So don’t hesitate to try out making your own version of this holiday classic!

Tea lattes. Of course everyone knows the wonderful flavor of a good latte made with coffee. But did you know that it’s possible to make a latte using tea? Chase the fog away with a good tea latte on early mornings in your retirement home with this satisfying hot drink. You’ll just need some steamed milk to go with your tea as well as any sweeteners you would usually enjoy in a latte. For variations, a quick google search of recipes will give you a variety of ways to enjoy this drink. The perfect way to start your day on chilly Albuquerque mornings!

Making holiday drinks is fun and can be so easy with fantastic results. Enjoy community this holiday season with an abundance of wonderful drinks to share! Whether you are gathering with family or friends, offer to bring a good holiday punch to kick off the party. And don’t forget loved ones who need a little extra assistance in supportive care. Sharing a hot cup of cocoa together could make their day so much brighter this Christmas season!

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  1. Now you’re talking my language, Albuquerque! Rum is always my top choice for eggnog, especially when you’re salsa dancing at Christmas. Active senior living is the best!

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